May 2019

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Hominin model Neanderthal Museum

The Cave Man Cometh

Revolutionary discoveries in archaeology show that Neanderthals, long maligned as knuckle-dragging brutes, deserve a new place in the human story


At the Edge of the Ice

Deep inside the Arctic Circle, Inuit hunters embrace modern technology but preserve a traditional way of life

Marsili family

A Mystery in the Family

Genetic detectives take on the singular case of an Italian clan whose members feel almost no pain

Hobo King Dutch

The Last of the Great American Hobos

Hop a train to Iowa, where proud vagabonds gather every summer to crown the new king and queen of the rails

Chinese railway laborers

The Longest Hop

The true story of the railroad that spanned the nation



Readers respond to our April issue


Buzz Words

Even in the age of autofill, America is still in love with the centuries-old spelling bee


Torch Song

A new museum sheds light on America's quintessential statue


Get Thee to a Monastery!

In a German forest, artisans fleeing modernity build a time machine to the ninth century


Seeing Red

How scientists are recapturing the magic of a beloved, long-lost tomato


Catching Cooties

Why a 100-year-old game is still spreading across our playgrounds

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