March 2024

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OPENER - A diver prepares to enter the water of Malakal Harbor in Palau, where the plane flown by U.S. Navy pilot Jay Ross Manown Jr. was shot down in September 1944.

Up From the Depths

Eighty years after Avenger 17018 was shot down over the Pacific, will its pilot finally come home?

a close up a Sojourner Truth statue

The Gospel of Truth

Feminist. Preacher. Abolitionist. Civil rights pioneer. Now the full story of Sojourner Truth’s life and faith is finally coming to light


Making an Impression

Keeping tabs on dugong populations is surprisingly hard. A new effort tracks the marks they leave behind

a snow covered logging road in a forest

The Wilderness Cure

Can destroying old roads point the way to a more sustainable future?

Artist and Shaman Between Two Worlds, Norval Morrisseau, 1980, shows the artist’s signature style: bold colors and a surreal sense of his subjects’ inner lives.

The Art of the Scam

A decades-long forgery scheme ensnared Canada’s most famous Indigenous artist, a rock musician turned sleuth and several top museums. How investigators unraveled the biggest art fraud in history


Relive the Glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age With These Photos

The work of a pioneering celebrity photographer shines a spotlight on the iconic era


Your feedback on John Coltrane, turtle conservation and George Washington's tent

Going for Broke

How a glitzy stretch of highway became the destination for America’s most sublime—and most sordid—aspirations

Founding Mother

In the history paintings of this great Neoclassical artist, women took center stage

The Butterfly Whisperer

Akito Kawahara has spent his life devoted to lepidoptera. Now he’s correcting the record on where they first evolved

Out of the Shadows

A chic lamp reveals how women designers remade the Tiffany brand—and went largely uncredited for nearly a century

Artistic Intelligence

A new show at the Whitney showcases the visionary who devised the art world’s first A.I.

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