June 2019

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Lunar extravehicular visor assembly

Inside America's Greatest Adventure

From JFK's real motives to the Soviets' secret plot to land on the Moon at the same time, a new behind-the-scenes view of an unlikely triumph 50 years ago

Neil Armstrong spacesuit

Apollo at 50

Duplicates of the 3D scanned historic Apollo artifact will also tour Major League ballparks this summer

Opener on Maroon with Dropshadow.jpg

El Maestro

Mexico's most important living artist mixes magical realism with passionate rebellion

Blue Hole Regional Park

American Idyll

Kick off your shoes and jump into summer's most refreshing tradition on a lazy afternoon

Titan opening photo

Return to the Titanic

For a handsome price, a daredevil inventor will bring you aboard his groundbreaking submarine to put eyes on most famous shipwreck of all



Your feedback on our coverage of gene therapy and hobos


Unnatural Wonder

While seemingly a natural wonder of the world, the destination on the U.S./Canada border has been subject to human meddling for years


Pride and Prejudice

Artists born after the galvanizing moment in gay rights history, which took place 50 years ago, present their interpretations


The First Computers Were Human

It's ironic that women today must fight for equality in Silicon Valley. After all, their math skills helped launch the digital age


Roaring Back

In a new exhibit about "deep time" at the National Museum of Natural History, T. rex is still the king


My, What Big Teeth You Have!

The ancient beast of the oceans comes to life in a new display at the National Museum of Natural History

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