January 2008

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American Mine Nevada 1

Danger Zones

Warning: David Maisel's aerial landscapes may be hazardous to your assumptions

biologist Laurie Santos (with a research subject on Cayo Santiago)

Thinking Like a Monkey

What do our primate cousins know and when do they know it? Researcher Laurie Santos is trying to read their minds

Van Gogh painted this portrait of himself

Letters from Vincent

Never-before-exhibited correspondence from van Gogh to a protégé displays a thoughtful exacting side of the artist


The Lost Fort of Columbus

On his voyage to the Americas in 1492, the explorer built a small fort somewhere in the Caribbean

The real thrill of Pompeii is that the most mundane aspects of ancient Roman life have been preserved for centuries beneath fine-grained volcanic ash.

The Smithsonian Life List


Indelible Images

Big News

In matters of sheer magnitude, Robert Howlett got the picture


The Coldest Place in the Universe

My Kind of Town

Among the Spires

Presence of Mind

Sound and Fury

From the Editor

Pulled by Bears

In 1908, anything was possible

Letters to the Editor


Readers Respond to the November Issue

Wild Things

Wild Things

This Month in History

January Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

From the Castle

From the Castle

Aero Dynamic

Around the Mall

Rasta Revealed

Around the Mall

Making History

The Object at Hand

Explorer I Satellite


Norman Foster

Around the Mall


Seeger Singalong

What's Up

What's Up