Oct/Nov 2016

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Boeing B-29

A B-29 Rises

For 42 years, Fifi was the only airworthy Superfortress. Now it has company.

Jupiter’s swirling clouds

To Dare the Realm of Jupiter

A spacecraft does battle with the giant.


My Father and the Dream of Flight

An African-American airline captain reflects on the legacy of his forebears.

National Air and Space Museum

Homework in Orbit

The next payload headed for the International Space Station is an 8th grader’s assignment.

Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16

The Guard at NATO’s Northern Gate

With a new force of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, Norway readies for Europe’s next threat.

KLM 747

Under the Big Jets

On St. Maarten, the beach party is loud.


The Intel Net

The sprawling, secretive process between sensor and action.

Mauna Kea

Big Glass and the Age of New Astronomy

The fight to put a monster telescope on Mauna Kea is part of a bigger war looming among astronomers.



Sit Down Before Reading

You might want to sit down before reading.


Interview: Gentry Lee

Gentry Lee likes to stay busy.

Oldies and Oddities

Cold War Solar System Spies


Just Doing Their Job

WASP of the Ferry Command.