May 2004

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Meteor Crater-arizona.jpg

Crater Face

If we could see all the holes gouged in the Earth by asteroids, we'd run screaming for cover.

Airshow Lite

The smaller the airshow, the closer you get to the airplanes and pilots. (And the better the food.)


Supporting Cast

In which we survey the variety of objects to which a jet engine can be affixed.

Alpine Air

The only thing more durable than these Junkers Ju 52s are the mountains over which they now fly sightseers.

I Got Shot Down

Seven airmen talk about the event none wants to experience.


Retro Rocketeers

If a capsule was good enough to get a crew to the moon, these old-timers say, it's good enough to get a crew back to Earth.

Night Stalkers

U.S. soldiers in Vietnam heard rumors of ghosts; the Viet Cong chalked it up to bad luck.

The People and Planes of Friday Harbor

Time and tide wait for no man, but they seem to linger a little around the flying paradise of the San Juan Islands.