Where is the Costa Concordia Now?

The ship that went aground one year ago is slowly but surely being turned upright and salvaged

(Enrico Sacchetti)

The Parbuckling Project

(Enrico Sacchetti)

Parbuckling is a centuries-old method that winches a sunken or listing ship upright while it is anchored at a pivot point known as the “deadman.” Sounds simple, right? But the Costa Concordia is 951 feet long and weighs 60,000 tons. To hoist it, nine enormous rectangular compartments, called sponsons, will be bolted to the ship, each equipped with a hydraulic pulley; the pulleys lead to 36 steel cables as thick as lampposts that attach to six underwater platforms. As the pulleys tighten the cables, the ship will be lifted upright.


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