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An introduction to our new blog about people and ideas that likely will shape the way we will live one day

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Editor’s note, August 19, 2011: Read about our new name and logo here.

Seems a long time ago, but it was only back in January when Barack Obama told us that America had reached a “Sputnik moment.” He was referring to the competition with China to be the Big Dog of the 21st century global economy, but the subtext was that the country needs an attitude adjustment, that we need to start channeling Silicon Valley, a place where people may pledge to “Do no evil” but the true religion is innovation.

It made for one fine sound bite. But it hasn’t exactly inspired a bunch of innovation rallies and bake sales. So in the spirit of banging the drum for new ideas and fresh thinking, this blog will track all things innovative, not just in science and technology, but also in how we live, how we learn, how we entertain ourselves.

The Department of Innovation is about people and ideas that likely will shape the way we will live one day. Don’t hesitate to send in suggestions of subjects we should cover.

You can learn more about me on our About page.

Ed. note — Thank you to everyone for your comments about our logo. We have since shifted the gears and switched in a new logo.


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