The Last Word

A quick questionnaire with Sarah Jones

1. Three words someone else would use to describe me are talkative, tall and ticklish.

2. My greatest professional influence is the courage in the voices of “ordinary” people.

3. My fondest memory is discovering I had more control than I thought over my own destiny.

4. The last book I read was A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.

5. If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead it would be someone alive. A dead person at dinner would probably make me queasy and spoil my gastronomic experience.

6. Three things I can't live without are water, air and exercise.

7. The most pressing issue facing the world is good old-fashioned injustice. From it hatred, greed, violence and all the world’s ills flow as naturally as rivers from melting polar ice caps or floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina.

8. The most important lesson I ever learned is we are all more connected as human beings than any of us is taught to believe.

9. My advice for those just starting out in this profession is listen to others, fellow actors, writers, family, friends, people on the street, until their voices are as familiar as your own, then write your own stories. If you wait for someone else to write them for you, you’ll likely be too old and hearing impaired to perform them.

10. My motto is: “Are you gonna eat that?” 

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