The Last Word

A quick questionnaire with Reza Aslan

1. Three words someone else would use to describe me are intense, loyal and loud.

2. My greatest professional influence is Joseph Campbell.

3. My fondest memory is hiking through Hawaii for a month.

4. The last book I read was Murder in Amsterdam by Ian Baruma.

5. If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead it would be Jalal Ad-Din Rumi.

6. Three things I can't live without are my laptop, my fiancée and my Tivo.

7. The most pressing issue facing the world is rapid man-made climate change.

8. The most important lesson I ever learned was over-confidence can you get you through a lot of sticky situations.

9. My advice for those just starting out in this profession is stop waiting for the right moment, or the right degree, or the right venue to make your voice heard. Start shouting now! People will listen.

10. My motto is: "Walk into a room like you own the place, and people will treat you as if you do."

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