The Last Word

A quick questionnaire with Michael Wong

1. Three words someone else would use to describe me are easy-to-excite, tough-to-please and smiley.

2. My greatest professional influence is my high school math teacher, the late Mrs. Voula Steinberg.

3. My fondest memory is stepping out of the tunnel into a football stadium, with the rest of my drum and bugle corps, for a field performance.

4. The last book I read was Freakonomics.

5. If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead it would be Leonardo Da Vinci.

6. Three things I can't live without are the Internet, Chinese food and hair gel.

7. The most pressing issue facing the world is the environment.

8. The most important lesson I ever learned was to take full advantage of the opportunities given to you; if the opportunities aren’t there, create them!

9. My advice for those just starting out in this profession is be persistent.

10. My motto is: "Work hard, play hard, don’t be wishy-washy."

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