The Last Word

A quick questionnaire with Lisa Sanditz

1. Three words someone else would use to describe me are ... only three words?

2. My greatest professional influence is my grandmother’s knowledge and insight about contemporary art.

3. My fondest memory is any collaborative creative endeavor.

4. The last book I read was Oracle Bones, by Peter Hessler.

5. If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead it would be Richard Pryor and Pieter Brueghel.

6. Three things I can't live without are laughing, painting and everyone I love.

7. The most pressing issue facing the world is urban planning for the world's rapidly growing cities.

8. The most important lesson I ever learned was when you skinny-dip, remember where you left your clothes.

9. My advice for those just starting out in this profession is get a studio, read the paper, work hard and do it because you love it.

10. My motto is don’t really have one, but: "Keep your critical faculties limber.

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