Ten Female Innovators to Watch In 2018

These inventors, startup founders and businesswomen have exciting things happening this year. Stay tuned!

(Clockwise from top left: Hipcamp; YouTube; Verge Genomics; prernagupta.com; Modern Fertility; May Mobility)

We may not yet have a female president, but women are running the show in all kinds of ways. Now that the number of companies with female founders multiplied by eight between 2009 and 2016, these entrepeneurs need a greater share of the venture capital. (Last year, women-led startups only got a tiny fraction of it—we're talking 2 percent.) Here are 10 innovative women leading the charge, from sustainable energy to women's health.

Sabrina Mutukisna

(Sabrina Mutukisna (The Town Kitchen))

Young people who have been in foster care have a harder time getting and keeping jobs than those who have grown up in biological families. Sabrina Mutukisna hopes to give them a leg up with her company, The Town Kitchen, which gives former foster kids and once-incarcerated youths culinary training and fair wage jobs. 

The startup caters lunch events around the Bay Area, offering boxed lunches prepared by the young people it employs. For ingredients, it contracts with food producers who are female or people of color. It partners with community organizations to help its young workers access housing and education services; many former employees are now in college. 

Mutukisna, who has worked in both education reform and the food industry, hopes to take the company nationwide. With options ranging from hot buffets of Burmese food to roast beef wraps with handmade chips, any city would be lucky to taste what The Town Kitchen is cooking. 


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