How Will We Make Music in 200 Years?

A group of innovators were asked to imagine what music will be like in 2214. If they’re right, it could be pretty bizarre

Artist Yoshi Sodeoka envisions musical instruments carried in satellites orbiting the Earth that would be able to “neutralize nations at war." (Kim Laughton)

The Shout Box: Rapper Tyler, The Creator

Rapper Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler, The Creator, introduces something he calls the Shout Box. An artist screams into the small cube. That’s right, screams. And the Shout Box will take that scream and convert it into one of thousands of different sounds. 

“No more drums, synthesizers, strings or bass lines,” Tyler explains. “The cube will have the option to change your screaming into one of those instruments, similar to a MIDI keyboard, but overall screams are going to be clogging the radio.”


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