How Will We Make Music in 200 Years?

A group of innovators were asked to imagine what music will be like in 2214. If they’re right, it could be pretty bizarre

Artist Yoshi Sodeoka envisions musical instruments carried in satellites orbiting the Earth that would be able to “neutralize nations at war." (Kim Laughton)

Gan: Writer Adam Harper

According to Adam Harper, author of the book Infinite Music about the future of music, there will a game-like quality to experiencing music in the 23rd century. He has come up with Gan, which he describes as a “cross between a synthesizer, a record collection and a game of golf.” A person carrying “smart paper” visits a Gan field—a three-dimensional park with “grassy hills, sculptures and unusual architecture.” The paper serves as both a map and a sound membrane that plays different loops of music depending on where you are in the field. As you move through it, you create your own compositions.

Some music loops in a field would remain constant, but others, which Harper refers to as “the weather” would change from day to day. “What’s more,” says Harper, “you can find and use pre-existing loops and recordings, interact with the other Gan players you meet as you roam, listening to and drawing on their loops, and employ props and vehicles for various compositional purposes.  Gan is a musical instrument you walk around inside.”


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