Editor’s Pick: Amazing Chicago Timelapse

When executed properly, timelapses can be absolutely spectacular

Every week on this blog we will feature one video that Smithsonian.com selects as an “Editors’ Pick.” In the two weeks since the contest launched, we’ve already been blown away by the high quality of the submissions. Note: these videos are not selected by the contest judges and have no bearing on the final result of the contest.

The featured videos are meant to inspire and encourage.

There is a lot of waiting around when it comes to shooting timelapses but when executed properly the results can be spectacular as seen here in photographer Eric Hines‘ “Cityscape Chicago.”

Based out of Northwest Indiana, Hines shot over 30,000 photographs on a Canon 5D Mark III between July and October 2012 in downtown Chicago. The inspiration for the video comes from his fascination with the city, particularly at night.

“For me, there has always been a mysterious sort of feeling to Chicago at night,” Hines said in the caption for his video.

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