Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Smithsonian In Motion Video Contest

We received over 200 videos about a wide range of subjects, but only one could be declared our grand prize winner

Shaylyn Esposito

Earlier this year we launched our inaugural video contest with the goal of highlighting up-and-coming videographers with amazing stories to tell. We received over 200 videos covering topics ranging from scenic timelapses to the best organic coffee in Brazil but only one could be declared our grand prize winner.

Our judges combed through all of the entries and agreed that one video stood out from the rest.


Revolutionizing the Urban Farm

Gary Breece and Russell Hawkins’ video about organic farmer Ben Greene’s revolutionary vertical farms could potentially change the way we all get our produce. With “The Farmery,” an urban farm and market, Greene is able to grow and sell in the same space. This cuts down on transportation costs, inventory loss and packaging materials.

The video has a pulsing soundtrack, courtesy of Chris Zabriskie, that blends seamlessly with Breece and Hawkins’ beautiful cinematography. Greene’s passion for changing the way we eat food is captured with masterful editing and we’re proud to have this video be our grand prize winner.


North Country Stargazing

We wanted to give our readers the chance to vote for their favorite video and with over 3,000 votes, the winner was clear. Photographer Shawn Malone‘s timelapse video of the night sky over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula captivated our audience’s attention more than any other video. The timelapse consists of over 10,000 photos and took an entire year to shoot. Thanks to a lot of coffee and persistence, Malone captured 33 vistas over the UP’s night sky that she hopes will still be visible for future generations.


Art: The Beauty of Letterpress

Travel: Travel by Daydream

Nature: Discovering New Species in the Amazon

People: The Piano Bar

Mobile: London Timelapse

Which video would you have chosen as the grand prize winner? Check out all of our finalists here and let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted a video to the contest. You made this contest a huge success and we were blown away by the quality of the submissions. In the coming weeks we will be featuring many of the submissions on so check back often.

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