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Duke Ellington, animated movies and the old ballgame

Blending images from medical texts, video games and his own nightmares, Swedish artist Magnus Wallin creates short animated movies that pit flayed bodybuilders against bizarre monsters. At the Hirshhorn through May 20.

"He's a superhero we came up with," say Albuquerque-based Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano of their ceramic Pueblo Fire Warrior. The Native American potters join 119 other artists and artisans at the 25th Smithsonian Craft Show, at the National Building Museum, April 19 to 22.

Swing Time
The Museum of American History has designated April Jazz Appreciation Month. Films, lectures and concerts at numerous venues celebrate the music Duke Ellington called "the kind of a man you wouldn't want your daughter to associate with."

The Old Ballgame
Nostalgic for baseball before strikes and steroids? In 1908 the national pastime featured gambling, bribery and riots. But Cait Murphy, author of Crazy '08 (just released by Smithsonian Books), says it was also "the best season in baseball history."

White House China Policy
Starting April 3, a select display of presidential china is on view at the National First Ladies' Library in Canton, Ohio (founded by Mary Regula, wife of Smithsonian Regent Emeritus Ralph Regula). The dishes are from the collection of Carter administration diplomat Set Momjian, who has been known to serve dinner on Harry Truman's plates (above) and drink coffee out of FDR's teacup.

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