What Are America’s Most Iconic Homes?

According to the National Building Museum, these houses, more than most, have impacted the way we live

(Model by Studios Eichbaum + Arnold, 2010. Photo by Museum staff.)

Sea Ranch, Condominium One

Sea Ranch Condominium One California
(Model by Studios Eichbaum + Arnold, 2008. Photo by Museum staff.)
Sea Ranch is community of homes on 10 miles of Sonoma County coastline in northern California. Organized in clusters, the structures, begun in the 1960s, were built with a particular awareness to their environment. Their roofs are sloped for strong ocean winds to sweep over them and their wood siding is unpainted and naturally weathered. Any landscaping is restricted to native species.

“It runs counter to the idea that houses have to be individual, or on their own property. This had an enormous impact,” says Mellins. “The very dramatic geometries of the roofs become a kind of signature of vacation houses across the country.”

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