Top 13 U.S. Winter Olympians

These athletes took home gold, but also stole our hearts. Choose your favorite winter Olympian in our poll

Shaun White, Snowboarding (Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images)

Apolo Anton Ohno, Speed Skating

Apolo Anton Ohno, Speed Skating
(Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)
With five medals in the last two Winter Olympic Games, short-track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno thought he had accomplished all that he could in the sport. He even switched gears to compete in and, like fellow Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi, win “Dancing with the Stars.” But Ohno’s back, with his signature bandana, soul patch and now a “Colbert Nation” logo blazoned on his speedsuit. (Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert raised around $250,000 from his fans to help fund the U.S. Speed Skating team’s trip to Vancouver, which had been jeopardized by a $300,000 budget shortfall.) One more medal, and Ohno will have caught up to six-time Olympic medalist Bonnie Blair. On day one of the games, he won silver in the 1500-meter event, catching up to six-time Olympic medalist Bonnie Blair. One more, in the 500 meter, 1,000 meter or 5,000 meter relay, and he will be the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian in history.

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