Top 13 U.S. Winter Olympians

These athletes took home gold, but also stole our hearts. Choose your favorite winter Olympian in our poll

Shaun White, Snowboarding (Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images)

Dorothy Hamill, Figure Skating

Dorothy Hamill, Figure Skating
(Tony Duffy / Getty Images)
Going into the 1976 Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria, Dorothy Hamill had three consecutive U.S. national championship wins. Coming out, she had an Olympic gold. Not to mention, millions of adoring fans. Reporters called the 19-year-old figure skater “America’s Sweetheart.” Young girls across the country rushed out to get the skater’s pixie haircut and a Dorothy Hamill doll. And rising stars in the skating world worked to perfect her trademark spin, the Hamill Camel. At 53, Hamill continues to skate and mentor skaters, including 2010 Olympic hopeful Rachael Flatt.

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