The Surprisingly Colorful Spaces Where the World’s Biggest Decisions Get Made (PHOTOS)

Photographer Luca Zanier looks at the view from where the decision-makers sit

The United Nations in New York City. (Luca Zanier / Anzenberger)

In Luca Zanier's view, people of influence come and go, but places of power endure. And so the Zurich-based photographer has been taking pictures of those places, negotiating access to inner sanctums at such institutions as the French national labor union, the CGT (but failing so far at FIFA, the international governing body of soccer). “I try to put the camera in the seat of the most powerful person in the room,” Zanier says. “That way, when you’re looking at the photograph, you’re the boss.” At the United Nations in New York City, he put his camera behind the second rank of seats at the Security Council. The staff members who occupy them, he says, are the powers behind the delegates who sit at the table.

The General Confederation of Labour, France

General Confederation of Labour (CGT)
(Luca Zanier / Anzenberger)

The General Confederation of Labour (CGT) in France originally inspired Luca Zanier to think about corridors of power. Zanier was attracted to the building’s architecture and bright colors.


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