The Paleofuture Blog Has Moved to Gizmodo

Our intrepid blogger bids farewell

I recently accepted a new job at Gizmodo, which means that the Paleofuture blog will be heading there with me. I am tremendously grateful to the people at Smithsonian (most notably Digital Editor Brian Wolly and Senior Editor Mark Strauss) who have made my work immeasurably better since they brought the Paleofuture blog under their wing in 2011. I truly can’t thank Brian and Mark enough for their hard work in making Paleofuture a fun and reliable destination for all things retrofuture.

Smithsonian has been a great home for the Paleofuture blog and I hope that you’ll not only continue reading the fantastic stories being produced by the Smithsonian team, but that you’ll continue reading the Paleofuture blog at its new home with Gizmodo. For all intents and purposes it will still be the same old Paleofuture blog, and I’ll remain its sole author. The major difference is that I’ll no longer be blogging at Pacific Standard and BBC Future, which will allow me to focus on the Paleofuture blog exclusively.

Thank you so much for reading the Paleofuture blog and I wish everyone at Smithsonian all the best as they continue to produce some of the most interesting stories anywhere online.

Yours in jetpacks,

Matt Novak

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