Hollywood’s Historic Buildings

Theaters and other architectural gems lined Hollywood’s famous boulevards during its Golden Age and now hold restored star appeal

Capitol Records building in Hollywood. (Bettmann / Corbis)

Max Factor Building

Hollywood History Museum
(© 2004 Kayte Deioma)
1660 N. Highland Avenue

Dozens of celebrities, including Ginger Rogers and Jean Harlow, turned up for the grand opening of the Max Factor beauty salon in 1935 to honor the man who coined the word “make-up.” Factor, a polish immigrant who created many beautifying innovations, including lip gloss and special greasepaint for film actors, called his building “the world’s greatest cosmetics factory.” Behind the pink and white marble façade lay a showroom adorned with Classical Greek touches, crystal chandeliers and antique furniture. The four special make-up salons, painted to enhance a client’s hair color (a blue room for blondes, dusty rose for brunettes, green for redheads and peach for brownettes ) have been preserved as part of the Hollywood Museum, which the building now houses.

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