Bodybuilders Through the Ages

Over the past 150 years, bodybuilders have gone from circus sideshows to celebrities, imparting fitness lessons along the way

Jack LaLanne (1914 - 2011) (Bettmann / Corbis)

Bernar Macfadden

Bernarr Macfadden
(Maura McCarthy)

A bodybuilder and health enthusiast, Macfadden founded Physical Culture magazine in 1899 and built a publishing empire that included detective and romance fiction as well as sport and health titles. He built sanitariums and founded Physical Culture City, a self-sufficient settlement in New Jersey for people who wished to adopt a simple, healthful life. The latter venture failed after a few years. Macfadden promoted fasting as part of a healthy regimen and decried the typical American diet, saying, “Men may not take their god too seriously; but how they do bow to earth before their shrine of three meals a day, their adulterated white flour, their vast groaning tables of unnecessary food!”

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