Bodybuilders Through the Ages

Over the past 150 years, bodybuilders have gone from circus sideshows to celebrities, imparting fitness lessons along the way

Jack LaLanne (1914 - 2011) (Bettmann / Corbis)


Eugen Sandow
(Maura McCarthy)

Unlike other strongmen of the late 1800s, the Prussian-born Sandow was not just adept at exhibiting feats of strength—he was a sex symbol and among the first to capitalize on displaying his developed, muscular physique. While touring in Florenz Ziegfeld’s Trocadero Vaudevilles, the 5-foot-8, 220-pound Sandow attained stardom in America and immortalized his flexing routine in front of Thomas Edison’s movie camera. In 1901, this “Father of Modern Bodybuilding” organized the first major bodybuilding contest, which was held in England’s Royal Albert Hall.

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