Ancient Pyramids Around the World

No matter if the civilization was Mesopotamian, Egyptian, or Mayan, its legacy today is in part marked by towering pyramids


Giza, Egypt: Pyramid of Khafre

Pyramid of Khafre

The middle pyramid of the famous Giza trio was built circa 2520 B.C. for Pharoah Khafre. At 471 feet, Khafre's tomb wasn't quite as tall as the Great Pyramid of his father, Pharoah Khufu---but he cleverly made it appear taller by choosing a nearby spot with higher elevation. The elaborate temple complex east of the pyramid includes a monolithic limestone statue with the body of a seated lion, the face of a human (although the nose has fallen off), and the headdress of a pharoah. This mysterious figure is known as The Sphinx.


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