Kids Can Experience a Night of Adventure at the Smithsonian This Summer

Dinos and Discoveries Await Families After Hours at the National Museum of Natural History

A group of children and two adults sit at a table creating origami birds among exhibits.
On Friday nights this summer, young adventurers and their adult chaperones can experience a night filled with fun and activities at the National Museum of Natural History. Smithsonian Associates

Do you know any young people who’d love to have a Smithsonian museum all to themselves for a summer night? You can make their dreams come true with Smithsonian Nighttime Adventures. On five Friday evenings from June through August 8-to-14-year-olds (and their adults) can join fellow adventurers at the National Museum of Natural History as the crowds shuffle out, the lights dim, and the doors close. From 7 to 11 p.m. they’ll wander through the Fossil Hall, where dinosaurs cast giant shadows; learn about Earth's past; discover the ocean's aquatic wonders; blast off to the moon; and walk softly past mysterious mammals.  They also participate in games and challenges, immerse themselves in hand-on crafts, and even learn how to eat like a T-rex. Who could ask for a more adventurous night? 

There’s even more fun waiting when Smithsonian Sleepovers return on Friday, July 14 and August 4. After a night of activities, adventurers grab their sleeping bags and head to Sant Ocean Hall where they can dream away below the 45-foot model of Phoenix the whale. And after Saturday breakfast, they’ll take home plenty of great memories about the night the Smithsonian belonged to them. Reserve your adventure.