The Dr. Is In: Cat-loving Paleontologist Answers Your Questions in New YouTube Series

Paleontologist Hans Sues answers your questions about dinosaurs, humans and cats in the Smithsonian’s new YouTube series, “The Dr. Is In.”

The "David H. Koch Hall of Fossils – Deep Time" opens June 8. (Smithsonian Institution)

Dinosaurs. Cats. Humans. Arguably the three greatest enigmas EVER. Fortunately, Smithsonian paleontologist, Dr. Hans Sues, will explore these mysterious creatures in the National Museum of Natural History’s new YouTube series, “The Doctor Is In.”

Watch the first episode below and submit your questions for Dr. Sues on YouTube. He might just answer them in the next episode on March 29!

The Doctor Is In, a #DeepTime Series. Episode 1.

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