What's in here? A new study aims to find out.

Garbage Can Teach Us a Lot About Food Waste

A novel and slightly gross study aims to fill in gaps in our understanding of Americans' food waste

The Mangalitsa pig, a "heritage breed" hailing from Hungary, is prized for its flavor. The woolly coat is a bonus.

Fuzzy Pigs, Squash Swords And More of the World's Amazing, Vanishing Heirloom Breeds

These odd fruits, veggies and animals show the vanishing diversity of our food

Germany, Hamburg, Speichrstadt and Hafencity district

Coastal Cities Need to Radically Rethink How They Deal With Rising Waters

"Transitional architecture" is both a futuristic solution to sea-level rise and a hearkening back to older ways of living

The Lake Mills reservoir gets drawn down in March 2012 as part of the Elwha River Restoration, which involved the largest dam removal project in U.S. history.

Removing a Dam Can Be a Net Win for the Planet

Once hailed as clean power sources, dams are sometimes more costly to maintain than they are to tear down

In the movie The Martian, Matt Damon plays a stranded astronaut who has to grow his own food on the red planet. What he did in the film isn't so far off from how we could grow food in harsh environments on Earth.

What Growing Potatoes on Mars Means for Earth's Farmers

Matt Damon made it look easy in the recent Hollywood blockbuster, but Mars and Earth aren't really all that different after all

Holiday feasts can be celebratory but also sustainable with a few simple tweaks.

How to Have the Most Sustainable Thanksgiving Ever

Traditions and turkey don't have to be incompatible with Earth-friendly practices

The Kirtland's warbler needs humans to cut and replant the trees it nests in. Without this work, the species' painstaking recovery from less than 1,000 males to over 2,000 could be erased.

This Bird Didn’t Start the Fires, But It May Need Them to Survive

An endangered bird once threatened by humans now relies on us for its survival

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