In 2008, Ted Gup was handed a battered suitcase by his mother; it contained conceled checks and old letters addressed to "B. Virdot". Thus began a search for the stories behind the letters.

A Yuletide Gift of Kindness

Ted Gup learns the astonishing secret about his grandfather's generosity during the Great Depression

Has technology created a nation of zombies?

My Big Hang-Up in a Connected World

One man's rage against the communication revolution and the dying of civility


Playing by Ear

People say the darndest things. At least I think they do

Catacombs of Paris

Empire of the Dead


I'm Shopping for Pants But Coming up Short


If a Mustache Becomes You, Don't Cut It Off

Ants tunneling through a formicarium

An Ant's Life is No Picnic

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