Discoverer of more dinosaur species than any other living scientist, Xu Xing says some dinosaurs have birdlike traits, including feathers.

Dinosaurs' Living Descendants

China's spectacular feathered fossils have finally answered the century-old question about the ancestors of today's birds

Pseudoryx nghetinhensis Saola (aka Vu Quang ox) 4 - 5 month old female at the Forest Inventory & Planning Institute Botanical Garden. Hanoi, Vietnam

A Wildlife Mystery in Vietnam

The discovery of the saola alerted scientists to the strange diversity of Southeast Asia's threatened forests

Work on Stonehenge began around 3000 B.C., with a ditch circling wood posts.

Mystery Man of Stonehenge

The discovery of a 4,300-year-old skeleton surrounded by intriguing artifacts has archaeologists abuzz


Towering Mysteries

Who built them and why? An amateur archaeologist tries to get to the bottom of some astonishing structures in Tibet and Sichuan Province, China

A 6-year-old girl played with the radioactive material, coating her hands with the cesium dust while eating.

The Hunt for Hot Stuff

In the former Soviet Union, "rad rangers" are racing to find lost radiation devices before terrorists can turn them into "dirty bombs"


Vostok: Looking for Life Beneath an Antarctic Glacier

In what may be the world's largest lake ever seen by a human eye, the search begins

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