Trevor Brazile is the winningest cowboy ever, as the first PRCA cowboy to cross the $3 million threshold in career earnings back in 2008 -- and he hasn't let up since.

The First Family of Rodeo

Will a cowboy legend have what it takes to recapture the championship?

Tyler Lyson at the site for the Hadrosaur femur

The Ultimate Summer Camp Activity: Digging for Dinosaurs

Meet the intrepid teenagers and teenagers-at-heart who swelter in the heat hunting for fossils

Clayton Phipps looks over the massive ceratopsian fossil. The ancient creature’s rib cage is on the left and the pelvis on the right.

Will the Public Ever Get to See the "Dueling Dinosaurs"?

America’s most spectacular fossil, found by a plucky Montana rancher, is locked up in a secret storage room. Why?

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