Fire in the Hole

Raging in mines from Pennsylvania to China, coal fires threaten towns, poison air and water, and add to global warming

San Francisco in 1906.

Future Shocks

Modern science, ancient catastrophes and the endless quest to predict earthquakes


Yellowstone Grumbles

Pent-up water and steam threaten to burst through the park's surface. (And we're not talking Old Faithful here)

Oil platforms (above, the Spree tied to a Gulf of Mexico rig) serve as artificial reefs, attracting organisms with intriguing properties.

Medicine from the Sea

From slime to sponges, scientists are plumbing the ocean's depths for new medications to treat cancer, pain and other ailments

Cattle suffocated by carbon dioxide from Lake Nyos

Defusing Africa's Killer Lakes

In a remote region of Cameroon, an international team of scientists takes extraordinary steps to prevent the recurrence of a deadly natural disaster


Message in a Bottle

By studying objects cast up on our shores, researcher Curtis Ebbesmeyer traces the flow of ocean currents


Mining for Meteorites

As prices skyrocket, gonzo collectors are combing the globe for these celestial fragments—and riling researchers


Little Engines That Still Can!

Across America, short-line freight trains are pulling their weight


Mining the Scrap Heap for Treasure

Across America, a network of scrap-metal firms is supplying much of the raw materials, iron to aluminum, that fuel the growing global economy

A 24-hour roller skating endurance competition in Paris, held in 1911

Don't Look Now, but Here Come the Bladerunners

Whether stunting on the streets, gliding off to work or lining up for the orthopedist, nowadays in-line skates are the way to go

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