Researchers found that the bears could withstand an impact of up to 900 meters per second and shock pressures of up to 1.14 gigapascals (GPa). Any higher than those speeds, the seemingly invincible water bears turned to mush.

Water Bears Can Survive Impact Speeds of 1,845 Miles Per Hour

Tardigrades thrive in a variety of extreme conditions, so researchers wanted to know if they could withstand simulated space landing impacts

While erosion is a natural occurrence that happens over time, the Galàpagos Islands are more at risk to threats of erosion because of climate change.

Iconic Natural Rock Feature in the Galápagos Islands Crumbles Into the Ocean

The top of the Darwin’s Arch, a natural stone archway, fell as a result of natural erosion

Several male jaguars have been spotted in Arizona and New Mexico over the last twenty years, but no evidence of breeding pairs establishing territories beyond Mexico has been seen or reported.

It's Time to Reintroduce Jaguars in the U.S. Southwest, Scientists and Conservation Groups Say

Hunting decimated the big cat’s population in the United States by the mid-20th century

Researchers found that the House Sparrow Passer domesticus had the biggest population out of the total bird species surveys at 1.6 billion individuals.

An Estimated 50 Billion Birds Populate Earth, but Four Species Reign Supreme

House sparrows, European starlings, barn swallows and ring-billed gulls all occupy the billion-bird club with gargantuan population numbers

In the images, the Great Red Spot, Jupiter's superstorm, is seen in both visible and ultraviolet light, but it disappears into the background as a black splotch in the infrared image.

Peer Into Jupiter's Gassy Atmosphere With These Stunning New Photos

The images taken at various wavelengths reveal details about the gas giant's stormy atmosphere

Stress-relief programs that integrate therapy pets can help students relax as they talk and think about their stressors without overwhelming themselves and may be more effective at providing relief than academic approaches to stress management.

For Stressed-Out College Students, Petting Therapy Dogs Has Long-Lasting Benefits

Compared to other experimental groups, undergrads who interacted with pups experienced improved executive functioning skills

Lake sturgeons have a striking appearance with their shark-like tails, five rows of bony plates lining their brownish grey bodies called "scutes", and their whisker-like barbels below their rounded snout.

Biologists Catch Enormous 'Real Life River Monster' in Michigan

The seven-foot-long female lake sturgeon was microchipped and released promptly back into the water

Based on the size of the footballfish and the protruding appendage on the top of its head, state park officials said the fish is female. Female footballfish are the only ones that have the long bioluminescent appendages used to lure other fish toward their mouths.

A Jet-Black, Bioluminescent 'Football Fish' Washed Up on a California Beach

The sea creature typically lives in depths of 3,000 feet and rarely shows up on shore in one piece

While Koronon is the first covid-19 pandemic-specific mascot, other ones have also popped up to help fight the pandemic.

Meet Koronon: Japan's Bright Pink, Masked Cat Mascot Fighting Covid-19

First seen in fall 2020, the giant fuchsia feline hands out masks to raise awareness and encourages social distancing

Objects such as satellites and rocket debris constantly fall out of orbit and burn up upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere before they can hit the surface. Still, larger pieces like the Long March 5B rocket can survive re-entry and pose a threat to inhabited areas.

Debris From China's Recent Rocket Launch Plunged Into the Indian Ocean

The rocket's uncontrolled orbit was tracked for days and, upon re-entry, received criticism from NASA

One of the cats from the experiment sits in a Kanisza square, which is four Pac-Man-like circles positioned to create four corners of a square.

Why Cats Love to Sit in Boxes—Even Fake Ones, According to Science

Scientists tested what the Internet has long known to be true: Our feline friends have an "if I fits, I sits" approach to picking the coziest spot

Nepal opened up Mount Everest and its other seven peaks this year in hopes of regaining tourists after their mountaineering economy took a devastating hit.

As Cases Surge in Nepal, Covid-19 Reaches Mount Everest

Base camp officials have seen rising numbers of climbers with symptoms and positive coronavirus tests

Using the detected radio wave, Collinson and his team calculated the density of Venus' ionosphere and compared it to measurements taken back in 1992 using the Pioneer Venus Orbiter.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Measures Radio Signal in Venus' Upper Atmosphere

The measurements help researchers understand how the planet's ionosphere began leaking

After the researchers combed through more than 27,000 photos of birds from nine accounts across Instagram, they found that it is more than just beauty that attracts ‘likes’. Peculiar or distinctive characteristics that make the bird more unique is what people respond to the most and brings in the most 'likes';

The Eccentric Frogmouth Is the Most Camera-Ready Bird on Instagram

The frogmouth has muted plumage, but its grumpy expression and wide eyes make it enchanting on social media

As  the NASA aircraft DC-8 flew into the storm and collected data after each lightning flash, the researchers found that the concentrations of hydroxyl and hydroperoxyl produced by visible lightning and other regions that were electrically charged soared up to thousands of parts per trillion.

Lightning May Wash Pollution Out of the Air With a Chemical Dubbed 'Detergent of the Atmosphere'

The oxidizing chemicals hydroxyl and hydroperoxyl may clean the skies of harmful pollutants by reacting with them

Designed to operate for more than a decade, the Chinese Space Station will have 14 refrigerator-sized experiment racks and 50 external docking points designed for experiments outside the station to test how materials react in space.

China Launches First Module of New Space Station Into Orbit

The module is the country's largest spacecraft ever built and marks the first step in building their new space station by 2022

Traditionally, when taxonomists examine a potentially new species of octopus, they dissect them, an approach that is highly invasive and nearly destroys the specimen.

New Species of Dumbo Octopus Identified Using 3-D Imaging Techniques

Techniques such as MRI and CT scans may allow researchers to identify and study rare sea specimens without the need for dissection

From soil samples, researchers found urine droplets and fecal material that belonged to Upper Paleolithic bears that used the Chiquihuite Cave as their shelter and toilet 16,000 years ago.

Using Only Trace Amounts of Poop in Soil Samples, Researchers Sequenced Entire Genomes of Two Ancient Bear Species

Genetic research involving prehistoric animals usually requires fossilized bone or tooth fragments

The disastrous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident occurred on April 26, 1986, after a flawed reactor design caused two explosions that broke Chernobyl's No. 4 Reactor.

Chernobyl Survivors Do Not Pass Excess Mutations on to Their Children After All

Researchers suggest the results may extend to those exposed to radiation in other nuclear accidents, such as the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi explosion in Japan

Skipping a second dose and opting only for one dose of the vaccine triggers a weaker immune response and may leave recipients susceptible to other virus variants.

CDC Data Shows That 92% of Partially Vaccinated Americans Are Returning for Their Second Dose

Some choose to miss their second shot because of scheduling conflicts, fear of side effects, or they felt protected enough with just the first

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