Carrying the Load

The harness we wear to run on a treadmill in space is sort of like a backpack. But the engineering is way more complicated.


A Slice of Time Pie

On Space Station every hour is accounted for, and hardly a minute is wasted. Here's how my day is divided.


Warm Regards

A Space Station group portrait, taken in thermal infrared.


Beating Stray Light

If you want good pictures in space, make it as dark as you can.


From Us to You

Here's what we left inside the SpaceX Dragon capsule before we closed the hatch last month.


Last Day on Earth

What would you do? A poem.

Perpetual Sun

As you can see in this video, right now we are in a phase of continuous twilight.


Homemade Ice Sheets

Are ice crystals different in microgravity? I had a look.


The Beast

Weightlifting in weightlessness is now my favorite oxymoron.

Don Pettit, working on repairs inside the International Space Station in 2008.

If You Want to Become an Astronaut, Hit the Books and Work on Your Car!

When something breaks on a spacecraft, you have to get your hands dirty.


More About That Flash

It's okay to shine a laser at the space station, but not at airplanes.

A Needed Boost

A European cargo vehicle gives the Space Station a lift.


Space Is My Mistress

...and she beckons my return. A poem.


Seven Faces of Dr. Don

Reflections in the Cupola window.

Cargo Ship

Europe's Automated Transfer Vehicle, caught on camera as it approaches the Space Station.


On the Trails of Stars

Long-exposure astrophotos taken from orbit can produce unexpected patterns.


Mar Del Fuego

The bright lights of oil platforms appear as sparkling constellations off the coast of South America.


Blood and Treasure

And a high-tech box to store it in.

A Flashing Success

A group of San Antonio astronomers shine a light visible from orbit


Our Fancy Coffee Machine

When it comes to recycling water, space station astronauts are on the frontier.

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