They pop their heads out of the water to keep track of family members.

Otterly Fascinating

Inquisitive, formidable and endangered, giant otters are luring tourists by the thousands to Brazil's unspoiled, biodiverse waterscape

Kakapos eat many fruits but particularly enjoy rimu fruit, which seems to encourage breeding.

Going to Extremes

Without the extraordinary dedication of a few conservationists, New Zealand's kakapo would likely have gone the way of the dodo

Entrepreneur Geoff King has created a unique restaurant on the edge of Tasmania where visitors pay to watch wild devils tear into a meal.

Give the Devil His Due

Blame Bugs Bunny and a nasty yawn for the Tasmanian devil's bad rap


Risky Business

The Australian pact with the world's largest crocodiles seems to be working—but critics say that the costs are fatally high


It's Camelot in the Desert

For Dromedary Trekkers in Australia's Outback, it's Camelot in the Desert


Dear Smitty

Our authors write Smitty, our travel editor, about their journeys

Mariana fruit bat Pteropus mariannus

Batty About Flying Foxes

Long considered black devils with wings, these bats today are stealing hearts – and mangoes – across Australia


Night Belongs to the Kiwi

It may look fuzzy and adorable but this New Zealand bird is one tough customer

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