The microbes living in soil may be crucial for healthy plants. What's more, soil microbiomes are hyperlocal, varying immensely from place to nearby place.

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Soil Has a Microbiome, Too

The unique mix of microbes in soil has a profound effect on which plants thrive and which ones die

Municipal solid waste (aka garbage) being burned in an incinerator; this incinerator can handle 17 tons of trash an hour.

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Is Sustainable Trash-Burning a Load of Rubbish?

Some experts say it lets us get away with producing more and more garbage.

A male greater sage-grouse dances for a female.

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New Schemes Pay You to Save Species—But Will They Work?

Programs being set up in the American West are taking a radical new approach: paying landowners to preserve animal habitat.


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Video: The Past, Present and Future of Agriculture

Globalization and new technologies have given us more control and more power over our food than ever before. What's next?

An Indian Municipal Corporation sanitation worker fumigates as part of a drive to curb breeding sites for mosquitoes causing a dengue outbreak in New Delhi in October 2015.

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The World's Megacities Are Making Dengue Deadlier

Outbreaks are more common now thanks to bigger cities and more places for mosquitoes to live

Nikiko Masumoto works with raisins on her family's farm.

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Where Will Our Future Food Come From? Ask a Farmer

Two farmers with different viewpoints talk about organic farming, GMOs and farm technology

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