Electric towing locomotives guide the Astral Ace through the Pedro Miguel Locks. Says lockmaster Dagoberto Del Vasto, who began as a janitor and has worked at the canal for 22 years, of Panama's four-year stewardship of it: "I am very, very, very proud."

Panama Rises

The Central American nation, now celebrating its centennial, has come into its own since the United States ceded control of its vital waterway

Carter hoped Camp David (the president's quarters, Aspen Lodge, 1973) would relax the Egyptians and Israelis. But one delegate called it gloomy. Sadat likened the isolation to prison.

Two Weeks at Camp David

There was no love lost between Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Begin. But at the very brink of failure, they found a way to reach agreement

Central St. Petersburg, with its scores of palaces (including the Belozersky), has witnessed many crises in Russia's turbulent history.

Russia's Treasure-House

Searching for the past on the eve of St. Petersburg's 300th anniversary, a former foreign correspondent finds the future


Testimony from the Iceman

The 5,000-plus-year-old Neolithic man discovered a decade ago is telling scientists how he lived and died


Matter of the Heart

Graham Greene's letters to his paramour, Catherine Walston, trace the hazy line between life and fiction

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