Prince of Tides

Before "ecology" became a buzzword, John Steinbeck preached that man is related to the whole thing


In Good Spirits

Lily dale, New York, is a curious little village where the still-quick commune with the once-quick

A Guide to Cliches


Ringtails Like To Be Appreciated

Although they are by nature loners, these clever "cats" don't mind a little human companionship


Do Not Take the Javelina Lightly

Oh yes, it's a touchy-feely creature all right, but the collared peccary, or javelina, has very big teeth and it knows how to use them

Rafinesque Constantine Samuel 1783-1840

An "Odd Fish" Who Swam Against the Tide

The pioneering naturalist Constantine Rafinesque did just about everything, and he always did it his way


Rah, Rah Ruffians!

If schools aim to bring out the best in our youth, why do they name their teams after beasts, bullies and buccaneers?


The Joys of Rehabbing

Rehabilitating injured or abandoned wildlife fulfills the longing of many animal lovers to know other bloods

Ernest Thompson Seton

Black Wolf: Ernest Thompson Seton

In his lifetime no one did more than Ernest Thompson Seton to promote the idea that nature is a very good thing


To Be a Champion, a Tree Must Measure Up to High Standards

If it is tall, wide and thick enough, it might qualify for listing on the National Register of Big Trees--but first someone has to find it


New Ideas in the Air at the National Zoo


America's Favorite Game Is the One Everybody Can Play

It doesn't get hyped big-time like other sports, but at the grass-roots level, where it thrives, softball is in a league of its own


That 'Little Armored Thing' Doesn't Get by on Looks Alone

It appears to be made out of spare parts, but the only mammal equipped with a carapace is actually a model of ecological efficiency


Strang the Strange: America's Only King


The Dying Tecumseh and the Birth of a Legend

A sculpture in the Smithsonian collection reveals much about how the Indians of the West were viewed in the early ages of the United States


The Battle of Lake Erie

We were floundering in the War of 1812 when young Captain Perry delivered the winning motto, "Don't Give Up The Ship"

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