What’s Up

Raven Steals the Sun
See artist Preston Singletary's Raven Steals the Sun, 2008, at the American Indian's Heye Center in New York City until September 5. Russell Johnson / NMAI, SI

Making Legends
The myths and tales of the Tlingit—an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest—are portrayed in a new light by glass artist Preston Singletary. See his vases, bowls and sculptures at the American Indian’s Heye Center in New York City until September 5.

Artistic Exchange
A dialogue is underway at African Art, where selected artists respond to each other’s work. Henrique Oliveira’s Xilonoma Chamusquius was inspired by the works of Sandile Zulu. Join the conversation through December 4.

Rhythm and Hues
Sonia Delaunay, best known for her colorful abstract paintings, also designed a groundbreaking array of clothing and textiles between the 1920s and 1940s. Experience the interplay of art and fashion through June 5 in “Color Moves,” at New York City’s Cooper-Hewitt.

Spring Thaw
The Freer Gallery continues its series of exhibitions inspired by the seasons. See how the start of spring is reflected in Chinese landscape paintings until June 12.

Life at Home
George Ault’s paintings of Woodstock, New York, captured the quiet anxiety that beset communities on the home front during World War II. View his work through September 5, as part of the American Art Museum’s homage to small-town life.

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