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Chinese artworks, wartime bonds and sun gods

Cheryl Carlin

Close Encounter
Paris-based Romanian artist Mircea Cantor put a live deer and a live wolf in a small gallery and filmed the result. (No, the wolf doesn't attack.) His 2005 Deeparture is at the Hirshhorn until December 9.

Art Imitates Lit
Chinese artworks inspired by classic literature, poems and mythology—and dating from the first century to the present day—are at the Freer Gallery through January 13.

Kate the Great
For the centennial of Katharine Hepburn's birth (she died in 2004), the Portrait Gallery has paintings, film clips and her unrivaled four Oscars for Best Actress. Starting November 2.

Patriot Acts
After World War II, government-issued "victory" and "liberty" bonds reduced the $30 billion-plus war debt by two-thirds. Rally around 45 rousing posters at American Art through February 3.

Sun Gods and Pop Stars
Where else will you find pre-Columbian artworks and sexy outfits worn by the Tex-Mex music star Selena? Spotlighting Mexican culture, the Latino Center showcases 126 objects from 8 Smithsonian museums at the Ripley Center until November 11.

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