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Topper, 1st Class and No Popcorn


Is there a more stirring piece of our past? The hat Abraham Lincoln wore to Ford's Theatre the night he was shot—April 14, 1865—is among 150 historic items at the Air and Space Museum, as of November 17, while the Museum of American History is closed for renovation.

1st Class

Mort Kunstler's oil painting of a buffalo soldier became a 29-cent stamp in 1994. See the original at the Postal Museum starting November 16, along with about 75 other artworks-turned-postage.

Lens Is More

The penguins are one of 60 prints—from 2 nature photography contests—at the Museum of Natural History starting November 10.


21-year-old Emily Alexander, who has multiple sclerosis and lives in Chicago, won top honors in the National Juried Exhibition for Young Artists with Disabilities. Her mixed media Butterfly and works by 14 finalists are at the S. Dillon Ripley Center until November 30.

No Popcorn, but They're Free

Got the Hollywood blahs? Jesper Just, a 32-year-old filmmaker in Copenhagen, makes "sumptuous" short movies with loads of edge and angst. Two (2005's Something to Love) are showing continuously at the Hirshhorn until December 10.

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