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One of this year's contenders for the People's Design Award. (2wice Arts Foundation, Inc.)
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What makes good design? You tell us! This pool of 20 works, ranging from popular apps to medical devices, emphasize how innovative design can make a difference in our everyday lives. Cast your vote for your favorite design before 6:00 p.m. ET on October 11. The winner will be announced live at the National Design Awards gala and here, on this site, on October 17.

The Dot Dot Dot app combines dance, music and interactive features to represent the physical flow of dance on a tablet screen. Dot Dot Dot can be viewed in three different ways, all controlled by your fingers: swipe vertically or horizontally, and your dance experience changes. Using the app from the birds-eye view, think of it as a streamlined Dance Dance Revolution, with the dancer moving as you touch the dots. From other vantage points, the dots transform into columns, breaking down the dancer’s movement. A vertical swipe takes you to another dance, seen from the corner of a stage.


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