Ten Unforgettable Web Memes

Cats and failures highlight this list of the memes that have gone mainstream. Which ones did we miss?

Chuck Norris became an Internet sensation when late night host Conan O'Brien featured clips from "Walker, Texas Ranger" on his show. (© Cannon / courtesy Everett Collection)

Boom Goes the Dynamite (2005)

Boom Goes the Dynamite meme
One night in March 2005, the sports anchor for Ball State University’s student-run newscast NewsLink@9 called in sick, so freshman telecommunications major Brian Collins came out from behind the cameras to fill in. What Collins thought could be his big break quickly turned into an epic breakdown. The teleprompter operator, also new to the job, scrolled through the script too quickly for Collins to keep up. The bumbling sportscaster makes awkward pauses, exasperated sighs and desperate apologies as he attempts to string together some sentences. While attempting a play-by-play of a clip of the Indiana Pacers vs. New Jersey Nets game, he resorted to ad lib: “Later he gets the rebound. Passes to the man. He shoots. And boom goes the dynamite.” The phrase “boom goes the dynamite,” which Collins later admitted was a line he and his friends jokingly used while playing the video game Mario Kart 64, went viral when Collins’s segment was posted on eBaumsworld.com and then YouTube, where it has nearly six million views to date. The catchphrase has since been written into several TV shows and uttered by ESPN SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt, Will Smith at the 2009 Academy Awards and Stephen Colbert during one of his “Sport Report” segments. -- MG

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