Strength in Numbers
Pop quiz: How many interactive exhibits does it take to interest elementary and middle school students in math? Answer: 40. That’s how many were installed for MathAlive!, at the Ripley Center through June 3. Visitors can design video games, join a fractal dance party or hit the slopes in 4-D. As one student whooped, “I just did an acute angle on a snowboard!”

East and West
Born in Morocco, raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in Europe and the United States, photographer Lalla Essaydi explores Islamic ideas about women and the West’s romanticized view of the East. At the African Art Museum through February 24, 2013.

From the Harlem Renaissance through the civil rights era, African-Americans redefined their community and their standing in the nation. The American Art Museum presents 100 works from those tumultuous decades, through September 3.

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