Super Bowl LVIII kicks off Sunday, February 11, in Nevada. It’s an annual event that draws millions of fans and viewers.

Seeing the pigskin thrown around is only part of the appeal. Star-studded performances and iconic TV ads help make the hourslong event a cultural spectacle. At the heart of it, though, is a love of football. Some say the players’ defense of their territory while opponents try to encroach is a metaphor for life to which we all can relate.

Which team will come out on top and win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy? Before you tune in to find out, get into the spirit with these football-themed photographs from our Photo Contest.

a football player reaches for the ball
It’s called football, but no feet touch the field in this shot of two high school players giving it their all. Todd Lester, Alabama, 2016
a band in a football stadium
Members of the band form the shape of Florida as the American flag is brought out onto the field at a University of Florida game. Breck DeWitt, Florida, 2019
a football player stands without a helment
A high school football player wearing his Cossacks jersey stands ready for a Friday night game under the lights. Sarah Rose, South Dakota, 2023

kids in blue football uniforms lay on the grass
Petite players get comfortable in the grass, catching a breath among the fallen leaves on an autumn day. Shantanu Saha, Pennsylvania, 2016
a football team runs onto the field
Before a big game, members of a high school varsity football team run through smoke onto the field, breaking through a banner while screaming and cheering. Alexandra DelPrete, California, 2022
football fans cheer for their team from the bleechers
Although their hands are waving in the air, it’s evident that these football fans do care about their team winning. Rachel Bennett, California, 2019

kids play with a football in a yard
A vast backyard serves as the perfect football field for two young sportsmen. Is that a fence or an end zone? Jessica Helgesen, Texas, 2020
action on a football field
Tackling a player is one option, but untying his cleat during a game may be just as effective at slowing him down. Becky Koesel, Texas, 2014
a football player stands ready with the ball
Football isn’t just a man’s game. This woman quarterback prepares to toss the ball during a nighttime game. Denis Kaminev, Russia, 2019

a small dog carries a football
If you really want to score a touchdown, send this precious pup down the field. No one would dare tackle such a cute canine. Aneeta Brown, Missouri, 2019
a football fan in face paint
Can you even really call yourself a fan if you’ve never painted your face and worn an arts-and-crafts project on your head in support of your team? Dennis Chua, Ohio, 2015
a mother and son pose for a picture at a football game
A mom and son show their solidarity when it comes to supporting their team. Marlys Diggles, Texas, 2022
a tackle on a football field
A helmet goes flying as a Pensacola Catholic High School running back is tackled by two players from American Heritage High School. Bill Kaczor, Florida, 2017
kids play flag football
Young peewee players enjoy a game of flag football. Timothy Howell, Washington, 2014

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