Meet Sesame Street’s Global Cast of Characters

Over the course of the 40 years that the program has been on the air, Sesame Street has spawned versions in countries around the world

(Sesame Workshop)

Chamki- India Galli Galli Sim Sim

Chamki Sesame Street
(Sesame Workshop)

The international co-productions undertake issues specific to that country or region. India’s Galli Galli Sim Sim focuses on boosting the literacy rate of girls in the country, which lags behind the boys. (UNICEF estimated the male youth literacy rate at 87, and the female rate at 77 in 2006-2007.) To do so they created an adventurous female muppet, five-year-old Chamki, to serve as a role model. Chamki solves problems during a segment where she is known as “Detective Chamki” and wears a generic blue and white school uniform to avoid assigning her a specific cultural ethnicity. Because of India’s diverse ethnic groups, it’s important that girls can identify with her regardless of their personal background.


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