Meet Sesame Street’s Global Cast of Characters

Over the course of the 40 years that the program has been on the air, Sesame Street has spawned versions in countries around the world

(Sesame Workshop)

Jujul (left) and Tonton (right)- Jordan Hikayat Simsim

Tonto and Jordan Sesame Street
(Sesame Workshop)

The production team for Hikayat Simsim created Tonton, a 4-year-old girl Muppet who loves soccer and wants to play professionally, to challenge the stereotype that the typical girl in Jordan doesn’t play sports. They also incorporated physical comedy as part of her character. Tonton and her best friend Juljul, a 6-year-old computer whiz, embody two of the goals of the show: computer literacy and girls’ empowerment. These two issues are central to a rapidly modernizing Jordan.


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