Meet Sesame Street’s Global Cast of Characters

Over the course of the 40 years that the program has been on the air, Sesame Street has spawned versions in countries around the world

(Sesame Workshop)

Samson- Germany Sesamstrasse

Samson Sesame Street
(Sesame Workshop)

Samson, a 5-year-old bear, has been on the German co-production for more than 30 years. Like Big Bird, he is a full-body character, and most of his body language comes from the way he walks because his creators gave him giant shoes. Sesamstrasse is based on the idea, espoused by German educator Friedrich Froebel, that through their own discovery, children will develop. (Froebel created the concept of Kindergarten in the 19th century.) The show contains no segments on learning numbers or letters, but focuses instead social issues such as sharing.


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